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Remembering who I am

happens in a moment

or fraction of a second

or maybe it lasts a whole day


It happens in the entirety of a poem

or just a word, line or stanza

It happens in a song

or just a phrase or a melody


I remember while the sun warms my legs

or while the moon washes my face at night

when I can’t sleep...

and I’m out wandering. 


I remember in a word that booms loud in my head

I remember almost always

when I hear the sacred beating of a drum in tandem

with my soul


I’m remembering especially right now

when I am medicine woman 

while healing myself has become priority


or at least...I remember she is with me

while  researching and listening

to the whispers that sway yes

while concocting my own lotions


herbs and oils….

earth’s medicines

that she so graciously gives


I hold deep reverence for her offerings and healings

I hold deep reverence for the moments

of remembering myself


~Cary Wyninger/Art N' Soul 


I'm in an online community called 'Align' (for soul-aligned entrepreneurs/ intentional business community.)  This is a great community to be in, and if you feel you might be interested go to  for more information.  Each month we focus on a particular theme.  January is focused on the feeling of expansion...soul expansion.  So I've been walking through, feeling through my art in terms of how my soul wants to show up, how does she wants to grow in energy, in authenticity, in wholeness.  Part of feeling into expansion is leaning into remembering.  Remembering who we are and why we're here.  What is our purpose for living this particular life?  How does my soul want to evolve in this life?   These are questions that I find deeply intriguing...and I can't stop thinking about them.  

This is a current work in progress in which I am having this inner dialogue of remembering. I was struggling with this piece until I started editing areas out...remembering that what once seemed like it should be there, no longer belongs.  Gratitude happens for those things making their appearence.  They were cool, they were beautiful...they led me to other parts that made it on the canvas.  But then there was beauty in that letting go, and I feel I can breathe through this piece once again.  


Remembering :-)  

Remembering myself

and the all the connections :-)  


 WIP:  18x24 watercolor and ink (I'm really looking forward to finishing this piece up!)



My little windy dirt road to re-wilding myself while reading Women Who Run With the Wolves these past couple months has been lovely.  And confusing, murky, eye-opening and funny all together.  Well of course it would wouldn't it?  It makes the experience much more whole when all is included :-)  

So I've also attended an online workshop about re-wilding, or more specifically on sacral chakra/sexual healing, and at the same time received my first Mayan Abdominal Therapy session in my quest for some womb healing.  

What have I learned, or more accurately what am I learning?  I'm making peace with different feminine archetypes and learning how all the different threads of feminine energy help make up the whole of the Divine Feminine.  I've learned that I'm also working on re-balancing some aspects of my inner masculine, my solar plexus chakra, my sun, my summer, my 'action' and movement side...which has been drained for years while chasing alot of the things not in alignment with myself.  I've learned that as one part of myself shifts, the other parts also have to shift and adjust accordingly.  

And so on the business side, some of the nuts and bolts of myself, my home, the business of Art N' Soul are morphing and transforming.  I'll be implementing some 'Wild Offerings' as my art begins to grow...ways to incorporate art that reflects a bit of this journey and help you get in touch with what resonates with you.  Things like wild flowers, trees, birds, feathers, leaves and depictions of people in their innner magical realms.  Large canvases or prints that can situate themselves in entry ways, or hallways, or anywhere it calls for you to hang a bit of nature or wild in your home or office.  I also find myself writing little bits of poetry or words here and there, so how these will be incorporated in my art has yet to unfold.  All done in the name of growth and healing.  All done with the intention to connect outer life to align with inner self.  All done to just simply love and appreciate what resonates and be surrounded with that beautiful feeling.  

So I will leave you with the images of these women all done on stretched watercolor paper on canvas, watercolor and ink pieces, all 18" x 24".

As always,


Peace and Love....

Cary Wyninger

I crave more wild

Because I've become too domestic


I crave for storms to blow in

with deep thunder

That shakes the ground.

and my whole body.


I crave the rain

pouring down so hard

and fast...

I no longer need to blink.

I can see


That I crave the wild nature

that has been resting inside

my psyche

and other psyches.

I crave them

Invite them

To me


And find my way to them.


~ Re-wilding 

Cary Wyninger


A poem that just released as I spend much of my thoughts on learning to re-wild myself and pay closer attention to what I want and my connection with nature. 

Wishing you Peace and Love :-)  




42 years approaching for me...and I'm not afraid of getting older so much.  I don't think I am anyway.  I'd like to say the older I get the less I give a crap (shit...fuck...rat's ass....whatever you want to call it) but that wouldn't be true.  I do give a crap.  I do care....I just care more deeply about certain things.  I care less whether or not I have wrinkles and care more about Mother Earth and her ability to live whole and healthy.  I care less about the weight I carry around my torso and more about how we treat eachother and ourselves with decency, understanding.  I care less about the silver streaks that are coming more rapidly in my red headed hair and care more about raising my children to honor themselves, honor open-mindness, honor nature and our fellow life around us.  I care less about whether or not my art sells or is 'good' or is something I should even do....and I care more about the simple fact that we should just be doing it.  More of it.  Daily.  Listening to our inner promptings.  Just do it.  Just be in it.  


Things are not just black and white...they are FILLED with grey.  It can seem complicated, but I think only if you're looking for a single answer.  It's made me look at the color grey...and all things grey that have been popping up in my life lately.  So I've been getting grey hairs all over the place recently, I've mentioned it's okay.  I'm not covering it up, not dying over them, not plucking them.  It is what it is and no shame if other people color or pluck.  We each do what we want to do.  I had a little love affair with the Great Grey Owl (it might still be going on a bit....and really with owls in general) but the Great Grey Owl is so breathtakingly beautiful....and the name...'Great Grey'.  Yes.  Love.  I've had 2 dreams in the past 6 months or so about a little grey kitten that was found (in strange places in my dreams cuz you know, dreams are strange sometimes!!).  Those little grey kittens felt big to me for some reason.  And then to top it off, a little feral grey fluffy kitten was sighted late last fall near our house.  We worked all winter feeding it and providing a warm place for it to survive.  We finally gained its trust...and she has come into our lives with such silly antics and the best cheek rubs.  I can't get over her silvery tufts of fur behind her ears and her grey fluffy tail.  I'm totally in love.  She's complicated and simple all in one....but I feel her.  


And so I'm honoring the grey!  I'm going to think in all the different shades of grey (there's more than 50 ;-)  )  I'll be dabbling in incorporating more 'grey' in my art and in my life!  I hope to share more grey themed things in the up and coming months...until then....


Peace and Love :-)  

Once in awhile I like to write it well as paint it out.  My connections and thought processes and life contemplations.  It's not of any formal technique but just a free flow of words that come to mind.  Here is one of those times :-)  


Piece by piece

It's woven together

What feels right

What feels whole.

I'm remembering

The stories

The connections

A source of pain

A source of "unexplained" fear.

Also, a source of healing.  


Whole-hearted connection

Whole-hearted understanding

While keeping the air of mystery

As it's supposed to be.  



I see it...

I feel it...

I accept it.  

I accept the challenges

To understand and be understood.

To be open and still have boundaries of my own.

I accept the challenges

of what my soul craves.



Restored balance

in many forms of Life.


I give reverence to those before me

To myself for who I was before, and who I am now.

Reverence for the wisdom

The songs

The dance

The gifts.


I forgive.

I do my best

To what calls me

To lead how I can

To heal and be healed.


Peace and Love Always :-)  


~Cary Wyninger    Art N' Soul


Painting:  "Sacred Ground"  12"x16" oil on canvas

Like the swift, cool, autumn breeze...I feel the time to move on from my soul feathers is shifting.  I sat down last Tuesday, paper and pen in hand....and just sat.  I didn't feel compelled to draw a feather.  I felt a little lost.  I realized that it is time to move on to the next idea that has been brewing inside.  I've had this idea of blending surreal, dream-like scenes with colors, women figures morphed into birds or having wings.  Who knows what other images will appear (trees and moons?)  

Ideas are funny that way and I find it interesting to see my pieces move and grow.  I'm diving deep in them and letting the slight obsession take over.  I dream about them, I see them around me in day to day life.  I think about them and what they mean.  

So I hope you stay tuned to the next phase!  My season is changing. I hope you find the time and inspiration to create something yourself!  I hope you take that to the next step and SHOW what you create, speak about what you create, and appreciate what speaks to you on a personal level :-) 


Peace and love,



So much so much so much!!  Breathing through some lovely artistic growth spurts and overall life loving alltogether!  Some days I feel I have a good footing and balance....following a solid action plan.  Other days I'm eating a cheddar wurst for breakfast while my mind whirls and twirls away from me.  That's perfect!  Absolutely have to remember to breathe...let some things go and balance it out!  Direct my energy where it's softly leading me....and right now it's sitting down to write this out. 


My art has been revolving around the feeling of freedom.  One of my core desired feelings....Freedom.  I've been doing waterolor washes, and finding images

 within the colors and saturations.  There's been alot of feathers and leaves...and now feathers have become my latest obsession.  I love them.  I love what they symbolize, and I love that it's coinciding with my feelings that I am free to be who I am.  Free to listen to what my gut tells me, my intuition.  Free to follow what I love unapologetically.  Free to love myself as is!  Free to let things go but in a non-judgemental way.  Free to find balance in many forms.  My heart sings as I type this up :-)  And I feel extra good about what I've been creating because I've been incorporating stones and crystals (as I feel seems right at the time) laid out on the pieces as I and overnight when I'm done working.  This extra boost of good energy adds tons of awesomeness in my mind.  Hopefully offering extra power to their new people as they hang them in their new places. 


I have yet to get all the information on current pieces up on the website...but they will be complete and up for sale within the next couple weeks.  I have launched a campaign to sell 100 shirts with my 'Freedom Feather' printed on it (it only goes till 8/22/17!!)  My hope is to simpy spread this simple be free.  Free to be you in all your glory :-)  Click on the link to get yours...or to buy one for a friend as a kind gesture. 



Peace and Love to you all!!


~Cary  Art N' Soul


I think about alot.  We all do...or most of us do...and sometimes I have these mini 'epiphanies' where I've all of sudden figured something out that's been mulling over within my head.  During the end of a beautiful yoga session, I had this moment of a meshing between my head and was a moment where a HUGE thought/idea/philosophy came full circle.  I have no idea how long that thought took for me to even think about it....but it was so big that I cannot even find the real words to fully express it.  But I'll try :-)  Balance.  The constant strive for balance.  There is no message that is all true...because so much changes in terms of us, what we need and our environment.  But one thing rings we look for balance.  Yin and yang.  One of my favorite symbols and's huge!  We act...we rest.  We're bright and bubbly....we're low and bloppy.  The yin and yang concept is so huge that I cannot fully go into it...but I feel my insides have wrapped myself around it much, much more fully. 

For me of my balance needs is grounding.  Earth.  Soil.  Shade.  Quiet.  Not to be mistaken as depressed....I'm resting.  I'm taking the energy that has attached itself to me and I hadn't let it go through...I held it.  I'm full of it.  I can't shake it....and so I feel shaky.  I then need to partake in the activities that I can release those energies that don't nourish me....let them release, let them absorb, recycle to new, clean they can be light and positive again.  Back out into the something of love.  That is why such activities as art, (visual, poetry, dance, music) and yoga, other exercise, meditation, prayer, touching with nature (hikes, walks in the woods, gardening etc.), getting a massage (or reiki) amongst MANY MANY activities that fuel your inner self are so uber important.  They provide your fuel to continue. 

Neither is bad.  Resting isn't bad.  Activity isn't bad.  They both have their place and time....and we all need to find our personal balance.  And to each their own...our balance isn't my neighbor's balance.  No judgment is what it is. 

So cheers to you!  Whether you're resting right now, napping or sitting...or writing, drawing or playing music...listening to music....or totally being active with yourself and getting big things done...cheers to you!  :-)  Do it with heart and soul....and follow your ebb and flow by honoring the balance :-) 

~ Cary Wyninger  Art N' Soul

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