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"You are not your thoughts" 


I hear this.  Read this.  It sounds so liberating...which I think is part of the goal in entertaining it.  


You are not your thoughts. 


Whenever I hear or read this I let that swim around me for a bit.  Then I hear my self respond:  "Oh....but I am. "  They're an extension of me.  Just like my body and my emotions are a part of me too.  They're coming from me, or they come into me and sometimes manifest into form.  


Keep in mind the words I'm writing down here are all my personal processings.  Also note, that I am aware that none of this is original, it has all been thought of and thoroughly argued before.  But this is original in my own self pondering and this is just me purely going over and finding what feels settled and right for me at this time in my life.  



If I understand correctly,  a reason for saying 'you are not your thoughts' is to not let your thoughts control or totally define you.  To not let a thought hold all the power.  You are not only your thoughts.  You are more than your thoughts.   I can wrap around that :-)  


But to be told that I am NOT my thoughts, emotions or body...feels only like a half truth for me.  I am all of it, but they're not all of what makes up me.  This is part of how all things are connected.  My soul is connected to divinity, the universe...and it's connected to my emotions, thoughts and body and to this Earth.  I am HERE on Earth.  I belong here, if I choose to.  A beautiful slice of the whole thing.   


My own goal is to acknowledge my thoughts.  Be aware of my thoughts.  My thoughts and emotions are  to be seen and accepted.   They exist.  Once I'm aware of them I can then allow them fluidity.  Just like anything created, allow them some form of expression and fluidity.


Allow them fluidity.  I like that.  Let them be fluid. 



I think for me personally, I have felt disconnected for so long that my desire to connect is very prominant.  Perhaps that is why I want to connect with my thoughts, connect with my emotions.   Just like I connect with music and art through subtle movement and visual is this joyous connection of growth.  Walking on dirt, leaves and to be among plants and trees is another joyous connection that strengthens my love, appreciation and reverence for them and with me.  Connect.  And let there be fluidity and communication throughout the thread of connection.  






Wishing you all peace love and wholeness, 




~ Cary Wyninger

Art N' Soul

12x12 oil on canvas ~Cary Wyninger Art N' Soul




12x16 oil on canvas "Fly Free"  ~Cary Wyninger Art N' Soul


The advice given to myself today:  follow your own rhythm. 



And today that means not searching for joy.  I'm not searching for peace even...well...maybe overall, l but not in this very moment.  In this very moment, and  overall in the past few days there is a deeper message with an infinite amount of little messages in my, oh...what shall I call it?  Uncomfortablness?  Anxiety?  Sadness?  Frustration?  All of it I suppose...and more descriptive words not coming to me now.  But each time I get it...something more comes.  Then I get it even more.  How deeply co-dependent I am as a person.  Not even just to other people, but to ideas and situations.  This is my resistance, this is my anchor that keeps me from flowing fully, this is my self-imposed barrier.  I thought I acknowledged this before, but oh how I only barely scratched the surface.  

First....I MUST simply sit in this.  Because it takes me a while to digest information fully.   That is also my own personal rhythm....taking of my own time.  I will sit and mindfully observe with every reaction I possibly can with how I honestly feel.  I MUST simply sit in how uncomfortably it will make me feel, and acknowledge I'm not always a good person.  I'm not always a good person.  I'm not always a good person.  And I do not need to beat myself up, for not always being a good person.   


I'm not always a good person.  





If i  want to find a more authentic self...

if I want to live in better alignment, if I want more peace and harmony within, if I want to co-create with others and the world around me, then I need to further address my co-dependency on a deeper level.  



I'll do so by following my own inner rhythm and pause so I can realize and see how my every single action and reaction is playing a part in this.  I'll pause in the moment, the whole day...for weeks if needed.  My own rhythm will know when to start taking steps again to practice


As always...Peace and Love.  This is accepting your Allness...your Wholeness 


~Cary Wyninger

Art N' Soul

I'm calling back a certain sacredness 

in life that has fallen away


Too far away for my comfort

but not far enough to entirely forget

where to find her

and him


The extremes come together

the polars

and blend into varying shades of grey




The lines are still there

boundaries still exist

they just allow some surrendered softness to play together



I've been exploring balance, which comes from considering the weight of 2 'things'.  So many things and concepts.  The lows, highs...heavies, lights...roots, wings...your physical body, your, air...water, self and an other...ebbs, flows...groundedness, freedom...yin, yang.



What I've let fall away is a certain amount of sacredness in all things.  I'm reminded of where this all begins.  It's wherever we want it to begin.  From above, or below...or simultaneously it just comes.  It's the aligned self in love.  Rooted, anchored in love.  Love of a healthy state, which maybe is never truly a perfect healthy state, but healthy enough state.  Ever evolving healthy state of in love.  Love which in itself a dynamic concept.  Love of self, love of an other...and simply just love in itself.  

Love as a state of being.  


Wishing you peace, love and wholeness ...




When the clouds swell pregnant

and the air suddenly shifts,

It's a time to soften and center your Self


When Earth's drum

joins thunder and rage

from under boulders

and roots of thousand year old trees

into the ethers above,

you become to know



This is a time

I gaze at things

that frighten me most.

When bravery wakes

and straightens my spine

holds me firm at my hips...


It's a time to face shadows

not to chastise

but see them

hold them

hear them out


Time to yin

time to feel

and flow this through


This is a time I live for

This is a time I love for...


Inner and outer storms...the dearest ones.




Wishing you all the most peace, the most love and the most of your all-ness


~Cary Wyninger

Art N' Soul


"The Huntress"  *Original 11x14 $250.00




I'm in this place, in this space internally and externally....and little things are surprising me out of nowhere but I'm paying some attention.  Letting them sit beside me and grow as I try not to overpower or stifle them with my thoughts.  


It's eclipse season. moon in Cancer and solar eclipse.  Cosmic energies are real, whether you believe they have an affect on you or not, the potency of them depend on how much you're cued in/tapped in to your intentions.  And you can be consciously aware or maybe even not at all, but still be very influenced.  I'm not going to go into what this all means, there's many resources to access that will provide information about what this eclipse season is all about and what it can mean for you personally and collectively. All in all, it's good to have some awareness and then just live loosely in that awareness.


I'm walking into this by recalling all the little bits and pieces that feel like home to me.  Remembering all the places, spaces, books, music and people that invoke that feeling of peace, nostalgia and warmth.  Feelings like  little champagne bubbles within me coming up...pings of light that flash in my brain when I encounter them.  And I'm also looking at the things that invoke big resisistance....the things that invoke feelings like anger, shame, defense and my protective walls shooting up.  Softening and soothing those walls  to let that resistance flow through and on.  Maybe the combination of letting the resistant blocks be touched and filter through the feelings of 'home' is what transmutes that blocked energy into love, forgiveness and peace.  Both are medicine. The things that I find resistance to and the things that feel like home.  As hard as it is, it can be beautiful.  Taking these polarizations and finding the ever shifting balance of them within ourselves.  I guess honestly, those feelings of resistance I get could be considered 'home' too...I'm just cleaning that part of my soul's home :-)  


Peace, Love and Wholeness from me to me, and me to you...


~ Cary Wyninger

Art N' Soul


Remembering who I am

happens in a moment

or fraction of a second

or maybe it lasts a whole day


It happens in the entirety of a poem

or just a word, line or stanza

It happens in a song

or just a phrase or a melody


I remember while the sun warms my legs

or while the moon washes my face at night

when I can’t sleep...

and I’m out wandering. 


I remember in a word that booms loud in my head

I remember almost always

when I hear the sacred beating of a drum in tandem

with my soul


I’m remembering especially right now

when I am medicine woman 

while healing myself has become priority


or at least...I remember she is with me

while  researching and listening

to the whispers that sway yes

while concocting my own lotions


herbs and oils….

earth’s medicines

that she so graciously gives


I hold deep reverence for her offerings and healings

I hold deep reverence for the moments

of remembering myself


~Cary Wyninger/Art N' Soul 


I'm in an online community called 'Align' (for soul-aligned entrepreneurs/ intentional business community.)  This is a great community to be in, and if you feel you might be interested go to  for more information.  Each month we focus on a particular theme.  January is focused on the feeling of expansion...soul expansion.  So I've been walking through, feeling through my art in terms of how my soul wants to show up, how does she wants to grow in energy, in authenticity, in wholeness.  Part of feeling into expansion is leaning into remembering.  Remembering who we are and why we're here.  What is our purpose for living this particular life?  How does my soul want to evolve in this life?   These are questions that I find deeply intriguing...and I can't stop thinking about them.  

This is a current work in progress in which I am having this inner dialogue of remembering. I was struggling with this piece until I started editing areas out...remembering that what once seemed like it should be there, no longer belongs.  Gratitude happens for those things making their appearence.  They were cool, they were beautiful...they led me to other parts that made it on the canvas.  But then there was beauty in that letting go, and I feel I can breathe through this piece once again.  


Remembering :-)  

Remembering myself

and the all the connections :-)  


 WIP:  18x24 watercolor and ink (I'm really looking forward to finishing this piece up!)



My little windy dirt road to re-wilding myself while reading Women Who Run With the Wolves these past couple months has been lovely.  And confusing, murky, eye-opening and funny all together.  Well of course it would wouldn't it?  It makes the experience much more whole when all is included :-)  

So I've also attended an online workshop about re-wilding, or more specifically on sacral chakra/sexual healing, and at the same time received my first Mayan Abdominal Therapy session in my quest for some womb healing.  

What have I learned, or more accurately what am I learning?  I'm making peace with different feminine archetypes and learning how all the different threads of feminine energy help make up the whole of the Divine Feminine.  I've learned that I'm also working on re-balancing some aspects of my inner masculine, my solar plexus chakra, my sun, my summer, my 'action' and movement side...which has been drained for years while chasing alot of the things not in alignment with myself.  I've learned that as one part of myself shifts, the other parts also have to shift and adjust accordingly.  

And so on the business side, some of the nuts and bolts of myself, my home, the business of Art N' Soul are morphing and transforming.  I'll be implementing some 'Wild Offerings' as my art begins to grow...ways to incorporate art that reflects a bit of this journey and help you get in touch with what resonates with you.  Things like wild flowers, trees, birds, feathers, leaves and depictions of people in their innner magical realms.  Large canvases or prints that can situate themselves in entry ways, or hallways, or anywhere it calls for you to hang a bit of nature or wild in your home or office.  I also find myself writing little bits of poetry or words here and there, so how these will be incorporated in my art has yet to unfold.  All done in the name of growth and healing.  All done with the intention to connect outer life to align with inner self.  All done to just simply love and appreciate what resonates and be surrounded with that beautiful feeling.  

So I will leave you with the images of these women all done on stretched watercolor paper on canvas, watercolor and ink pieces, all 18" x 24".

As always,


Peace and Love....

Cary Wyninger

I crave more wild

Because I've become too domestic


I crave for storms to blow in

with deep thunder

That shakes the ground.

and my whole body.


I crave the rain

pouring down so hard

and fast...

I no longer need to blink.

I can see


That I crave the wild nature

that has been resting inside

my psyche

and other psyches.

I crave them

Invite them

To me


And find my way to them.


~ Re-wilding 

Cary Wyninger


A poem that just released as I spend much of my thoughts on learning to re-wild myself and pay closer attention to what I want and my connection with nature. 

Wishing you Peace and Love :-)  




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