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Earth without art is just 'eh'...right?  Trees, plants and the neverending landscapes are Mother Earth's artistic creations.  I just happen to focus on trees sometimes :-)  I love them, I love the different barks, the leaves, pine needles (don't get me started on the pine smell or pine songs!), the branches, the twists and turns trees can make.  I love their roots and how they can grow in the most outrageous places.  They have a lifeline.  Their trunks connect their earthy roots to their reaching out branches that kiss the wind.  They are a lifeline.  We rely on them for breath...physical and spiritual/emotional/mental breath. 

I aim to honor them by not painting just how they look, but how I imagine they feel.  Or how they make me feel.  I aim to inspire other tree huggers to come together and pause for just a moment, and feel their presence.  Maybe give a little gratitude for them just doing what they do...being what the're supposed to be...dancing with nature's rythmns. 

What do the trees do for you?  Say to you?  Mean to you?


'Let's take our hearts for a walk in the woods, and listen to the magical whispers of old trees'


~Peace and Love..... Cary


"Love and Light"  oil on canvas 2016 


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