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And that's okay.  I just have to remind myself of that from time to time.  Sometimes many times.  Per day. 

We already know there isn't really a "perfect" anyway, right?  It's defined by our own minds and what we've let society/enviroment define for us.  I'm talking more in terms of my art right now, although in general too.  In terms of my art...I have fear.  Fear of what other people will think, say, question...fear that I won't even like it myself!  I have high expectations.  That fear and expectations I have for myself get in the way of just plain appreciating every little thing I can.  The beauty in the process, the steps, the colors, the shapes, the flow of it all.  The beauty in just letting go and let the piece guide me.  The beauty in sharing, collaborating and growing.  It's all beautiful.  The mistakes are beautiful.  They aren't mistakes.  They're there whether you want to change them or leave them be and bask in the beauty of whatever it is. 

Okay so now that I've gone off on that...back to what my point was. 

Now that I'm letting go of concrete, preconceived ideas of what my art should look like, I've begun to do some small watercolors that are purely abstract...purely working from intuition on whatever it is I'm feeling and trying to put a visual look to the feels.  These two were done in short phases along the day. 

So I'm hoping if you feel the fear...the fear that someone else does the same thing you do, or the fear that whatever you're doing isn't 'cool' enough, 'orginal' enough, 'fine arty' enough.  Push through it.  Do it anyway.  Work anyway.  Bask in the beauty of it instead! 


Peace and Love...


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