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I think about alot.  We all do...or most of us do...and sometimes I have these mini 'epiphanies' where I've all of sudden figured something out that's been mulling over within my head.  During the end of a beautiful yoga session, I had this moment of a meshing between my head and was a moment where a HUGE thought/idea/philosophy came full circle.  I have no idea how long that thought took for me to even think about it....but it was so big that I cannot even find the real words to fully express it.  But I'll try :-)  Balance.  The constant strive for balance.  There is no message that is all true...because so much changes in terms of us, what we need and our environment.  But one thing rings we look for balance.  Yin and yang.  One of my favorite symbols and's huge!  We act...we rest.  We're bright and bubbly....we're low and bloppy.  The yin and yang concept is so huge that I cannot fully go into it...but I feel my insides have wrapped myself around it much, much more fully. 

For me of my balance needs is grounding.  Earth.  Soil.  Shade.  Quiet.  Not to be mistaken as depressed....I'm resting.  I'm taking the energy that has attached itself to me and I hadn't let it go through...I held it.  I'm full of it.  I can't shake it....and so I feel shaky.  I then need to partake in the activities that I can release those energies that don't nourish me....let them release, let them absorb, recycle to new, clean they can be light and positive again.  Back out into the something of love.  That is why such activities as art, (visual, poetry, dance, music) and yoga, other exercise, meditation, prayer, touching with nature (hikes, walks in the woods, gardening etc.), getting a massage (or reiki) amongst MANY MANY activities that fuel your inner self are so uber important.  They provide your fuel to continue. 

Neither is bad.  Resting isn't bad.  Activity isn't bad.  They both have their place and time....and we all need to find our personal balance.  And to each their own...our balance isn't my neighbor's balance.  No judgment is what it is. 

So cheers to you!  Whether you're resting right now, napping or sitting...or writing, drawing or playing music...listening to music....or totally being active with yourself and getting big things done...cheers to you!  :-)  Do it with heart and soul....and follow your ebb and flow by honoring the balance :-) 

~ Cary Wyninger  Art N' Soul

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