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So much so much so much!!  Breathing through some lovely artistic growth spurts and overall life loving alltogether!  Some days I feel I have a good footing and balance....following a solid action plan.  Other days I'm eating a cheddar wurst for breakfast while my mind whirls and twirls away from me.  That's perfect!  Absolutely have to remember to breathe...let some things go and balance it out!  Direct my energy where it's softly leading me....and right now it's sitting down to write this out. 


My art has been revolving around the feeling of freedom.  One of my core desired feelings....Freedom.  I've been doing waterolor washes, and finding images

 within the colors and saturations.  There's been alot of feathers and leaves...and now feathers have become my latest obsession.  I love them.  I love what they symbolize, and I love that it's coinciding with my feelings that I am free to be who I am.  Free to listen to what my gut tells me, my intuition.  Free to follow what I love unapologetically.  Free to love myself as is!  Free to let things go but in a non-judgemental way.  Free to find balance in many forms.  My heart sings as I type this up :-)  And I feel extra good about what I've been creating because I've been incorporating stones and crystals (as I feel seems right at the time) laid out on the pieces as I and overnight when I'm done working.  This extra boost of good energy adds tons of awesomeness in my mind.  Hopefully offering extra power to their new people as they hang them in their new places. 


I have yet to get all the information on current pieces up on the website...but they will be complete and up for sale within the next couple weeks.  I have launched a campaign to sell 100 shirts with my 'Freedom Feather' printed on it (it only goes till 8/22/17!!)  My hope is to simpy spread this simple be free.  Free to be you in all your glory :-)  Click on the link to get yours...or to buy one for a friend as a kind gesture. 



Peace and Love to you all!!


~Cary  Art N' Soul


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