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Like the swift, cool, autumn breeze...I feel the time to move on from my soul feathers is shifting.  I sat down last Tuesday, paper and pen in hand....and just sat.  I didn't feel compelled to draw a feather.  I felt a little lost.  I realized that it is time to move on to the next idea that has been brewing inside.  I've had this idea of blending surreal, dream-like scenes with colors, women figures morphed into birds or having wings.  Who knows what other images will appear (trees and moons?)  

Ideas are funny that way and I find it interesting to see my pieces move and grow.  I'm diving deep in them and letting the slight obsession take over.  I dream about them, I see them around me in day to day life.  I think about them and what they mean.  

So I hope you stay tuned to the next phase!  My season is changing. I hope you find the time and inspiration to create something yourself!  I hope you take that to the next step and SHOW what you create, speak about what you create, and appreciate what speaks to you on a personal level :-) 


Peace and love,



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