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Once in awhile I like to write it well as paint it out.  My connections and thought processes and life contemplations.  It's not of any formal technique but just a free flow of words that come to mind.  Here is one of those times :-)  


Piece by piece

It's woven together

What feels right

What feels whole.

I'm remembering

The stories

The connections

A source of pain

A source of "unexplained" fear.

Also, a source of healing.  


Whole-hearted connection

Whole-hearted understanding

While keeping the air of mystery

As it's supposed to be.  



I see it...

I feel it...

I accept it.  

I accept the challenges

To understand and be understood.

To be open and still have boundaries of my own.

I accept the challenges

of what my soul craves.



Restored balance

in many forms of Life.


I give reverence to those before me

To myself for who I was before, and who I am now.

Reverence for the wisdom

The songs

The dance

The gifts.


I forgive.

I do my best

To what calls me

To lead how I can

To heal and be healed.


Peace and Love Always :-)  


~Cary Wyninger    Art N' Soul


Painting:  "Sacred Ground"  12"x16" oil on canvas

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