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42 years approaching for me...and I'm not afraid of getting older so much.  I don't think I am anyway.  I'd like to say the older I get the less I give a crap (shit...fuck...rat's ass....whatever you want to call it) but that wouldn't be true.  I do give a crap.  I do care....I just care more deeply about certain things.  I care less whether or not I have wrinkles and care more about Mother Earth and her ability to live whole and healthy.  I care less about the weight I carry around my torso and more about how we treat eachother and ourselves with decency, understanding.  I care less about the silver streaks that are coming more rapidly in my red headed hair and care more about raising my children to honor themselves, honor open-mindness, honor nature and our fellow life around us.  I care less about whether or not my art sells or is 'good' or is something I should even do....and I care more about the simple fact that we should just be doing it.  More of it.  Daily.  Listening to our inner promptings.  Just do it.  Just be in it.  


Things are not just black and white...they are FILLED with grey.  It can seem complicated, but I think only if you're looking for a single answer.  It's made me look at the color grey...and all things grey that have been popping up in my life lately.  So I've been getting grey hairs all over the place recently, I've mentioned it's okay.  I'm not covering it up, not dying over them, not plucking them.  It is what it is and no shame if other people color or pluck.  We each do what we want to do.  I had a little love affair with the Great Grey Owl (it might still be going on a bit....and really with owls in general) but the Great Grey Owl is so breathtakingly beautiful....and the name...'Great Grey'.  Yes.  Love.  I've had 2 dreams in the past 6 months or so about a little grey kitten that was found (in strange places in my dreams cuz you know, dreams are strange sometimes!!).  Those little grey kittens felt big to me for some reason.  And then to top it off, a little feral grey fluffy kitten was sighted late last fall near our house.  We worked all winter feeding it and providing a warm place for it to survive.  We finally gained its trust...and she has come into our lives with such silly antics and the best cheek rubs.  I can't get over her silvery tufts of fur behind her ears and her grey fluffy tail.  I'm totally in love.  She's complicated and simple all in one....but I feel her.  


And so I'm honoring the grey!  I'm going to think in all the different shades of grey (there's more than 50 ;-)  )  I'll be dabbling in incorporating more 'grey' in my art and in my life!  I hope to share more grey themed things in the up and coming months...until then....


Peace and Love :-)  

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