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My little windy dirt road to re-wilding myself while reading Women Who Run With the Wolves these past couple months has been lovely.  And confusing, murky, eye-opening and funny all together.  Well of course it would wouldn't it?  It makes the experience much more whole when all is included :-)  

So I've also attended an online workshop about re-wilding, or more specifically on sacral chakra/sexual healing, and at the same time received my first Mayan Abdominal Therapy session in my quest for some womb healing.  

What have I learned, or more accurately what am I learning?  I'm making peace with different feminine archetypes and learning how all the different threads of feminine energy help make up the whole of the Divine Feminine.  I've learned that I'm also working on re-balancing some aspects of my inner masculine, my solar plexus chakra, my sun, my summer, my 'action' and movement side...which has been drained for years while chasing alot of the things not in alignment with myself.  I've learned that as one part of myself shifts, the other parts also have to shift and adjust accordingly.  

And so on the business side, some of the nuts and bolts of myself, my home, the business of Art N' Soul are morphing and transforming.  I'll be implementing some 'Wild Offerings' as my art begins to grow...ways to incorporate art that reflects a bit of this journey and help you get in touch with what resonates with you.  Things like wild flowers, trees, birds, feathers, leaves and depictions of people in their innner magical realms.  Large canvases or prints that can situate themselves in entry ways, or hallways, or anywhere it calls for you to hang a bit of nature or wild in your home or office.  I also find myself writing little bits of poetry or words here and there, so how these will be incorporated in my art has yet to unfold.  All done in the name of growth and healing.  All done with the intention to connect outer life to align with inner self.  All done to just simply love and appreciate what resonates and be surrounded with that beautiful feeling.  

So I will leave you with the images of these women all done on stretched watercolor paper on canvas, watercolor and ink pieces, all 18" x 24".

As always,


Peace and Love....

Cary Wyninger

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