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Remembering who I am

happens in a moment

or fraction of a second

or maybe it lasts a whole day


It happens in the entirety of a poem

or just a word, line or stanza

It happens in a song

or just a phrase or a melody


I remember while the sun warms my legs

or while the moon washes my face at night

when I can’t sleep...

and I’m out wandering. 


I remember in a word that booms loud in my head

I remember almost always

when I hear the sacred beating of a drum in tandem

with my soul


I’m remembering especially right now

when I am medicine woman 

while healing myself has become priority


or at least...I remember she is with me

while  researching and listening

to the whispers that sway yes

while concocting my own lotions


herbs and oils….

earth’s medicines

that she so graciously gives


I hold deep reverence for her offerings and healings

I hold deep reverence for the moments

of remembering myself


~Cary Wyninger/Art N' Soul 


I'm in an online community called 'Align' (for soul-aligned entrepreneurs/ intentional business community.)  This is a great community to be in, and if you feel you might be interested go to  for more information.  Each month we focus on a particular theme.  January is focused on the feeling of expansion...soul expansion.  So I've been walking through, feeling through my art in terms of how my soul wants to show up, how does she wants to grow in energy, in authenticity, in wholeness.  Part of feeling into expansion is leaning into remembering.  Remembering who we are and why we're here.  What is our purpose for living this particular life?  How does my soul want to evolve in this life?   These are questions that I find deeply intriguing...and I can't stop thinking about them.  

This is a current work in progress in which I am having this inner dialogue of remembering. I was struggling with this piece until I started editing areas out...remembering that what once seemed like it should be there, no longer belongs.  Gratitude happens for those things making their appearence.  They were cool, they were beautiful...they led me to other parts that made it on the canvas.  But then there was beauty in that letting go, and I feel I can breathe through this piece once again.  


Remembering :-)  

Remembering myself

and the all the connections :-)  


 WIP:  18x24 watercolor and ink (I'm really looking forward to finishing this piece up!)



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