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I'm in this place, in this space internally and externally....and little things are surprising me out of nowhere but I'm paying some attention.  Letting them sit beside me and grow as I try not to overpower or stifle them with my thoughts.  


It's eclipse season. moon in Cancer and solar eclipse.  Cosmic energies are real, whether you believe they have an affect on you or not, the potency of them depend on how much you're cued in/tapped in to your intentions.  And you can be consciously aware or maybe even not at all, but still be very influenced.  I'm not going to go into what this all means, there's many resources to access that will provide information about what this eclipse season is all about and what it can mean for you personally and collectively. All in all, it's good to have some awareness and then just live loosely in that awareness.


I'm walking into this by recalling all the little bits and pieces that feel like home to me.  Remembering all the places, spaces, books, music and people that invoke that feeling of peace, nostalgia and warmth.  Feelings like  little champagne bubbles within me coming up...pings of light that flash in my brain when I encounter them.  And I'm also looking at the things that invoke big resisistance....the things that invoke feelings like anger, shame, defense and my protective walls shooting up.  Softening and soothing those walls  to let that resistance flow through and on.  Maybe the combination of letting the resistant blocks be touched and filter through the feelings of 'home' is what transmutes that blocked energy into love, forgiveness and peace.  Both are medicine. The things that I find resistance to and the things that feel like home.  As hard as it is, it can be beautiful.  Taking these polarizations and finding the ever shifting balance of them within ourselves.  I guess honestly, those feelings of resistance I get could be considered 'home' too...I'm just cleaning that part of my soul's home :-)  


Peace, Love and Wholeness from me to me, and me to you...


~ Cary Wyninger

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