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When the clouds swell pregnant

and the air suddenly shifts,

It's a time to soften and center your Self


When Earth's drum

joins thunder and rage

from under boulders

and roots of thousand year old trees

into the ethers above,

you become to know



This is a time

I gaze at things

that frighten me most.

When bravery wakes

and straightens my spine

holds me firm at my hips...


It's a time to face shadows

not to chastise

but see them

hold them

hear them out


Time to yin

time to feel

and flow this through


This is a time I live for

This is a time I love for...


Inner and outer storms...the dearest ones.




Wishing you all the most peace, the most love and the most of your all-ness


~Cary Wyninger

Art N' Soul


"The Huntress"  *Original 11x14 $250.00




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