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I'm calling back a certain sacredness 

in life that has fallen away


Too far away for my comfort

but not far enough to entirely forget

where to find her

and him


The extremes come together

the polars

and blend into varying shades of grey




The lines are still there

boundaries still exist

they just allow some surrendered softness to play together



I've been exploring balance, which comes from considering the weight of 2 'things'.  So many things and concepts.  The lows, highs...heavies, lights...roots, wings...your physical body, your, air...water, self and an other...ebbs, flows...groundedness, freedom...yin, yang.



What I've let fall away is a certain amount of sacredness in all things.  I'm reminded of where this all begins.  It's wherever we want it to begin.  From above, or below...or simultaneously it just comes.  It's the aligned self in love.  Rooted, anchored in love.  Love of a healthy state, which maybe is never truly a perfect healthy state, but healthy enough state.  Ever evolving healthy state of in love.  Love which in itself a dynamic concept.  Love of self, love of an other...and simply just love in itself.  

Love as a state of being.  


Wishing you peace, love and wholeness ...




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