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"You are not your thoughts" 


I hear this.  Read this.  It sounds so liberating...which I think is part of the goal in entertaining it.  


You are not your thoughts. 


Whenever I hear or read this I let that swim around me for a bit.  Then I hear my self respond:  "Oh....but I am. "  They're an extension of me.  Just like my body and my emotions are a part of me too.  They're coming from me, or they come into me and sometimes manifest into form.  


Keep in mind the words I'm writing down here are all my personal processings.  Also note, that I am aware that none of this is original, it has all been thought of and thoroughly argued before.  But this is original in my own self pondering and this is just me purely going over and finding what feels settled and right for me at this time in my life.  



If I understand correctly,  a reason for saying 'you are not your thoughts' is to not let your thoughts control or totally define you.  To not let a thought hold all the power.  You are not only your thoughts.  You are more than your thoughts.   I can wrap around that :-)  


But to be told that I am NOT my thoughts, emotions or body...feels only like a half truth for me.  I am all of it, but they're not all of what makes up me.  This is part of how all things are connected.  My soul is connected to divinity, the universe...and it's connected to my emotions, thoughts and body and to this Earth.  I am HERE on Earth.  I belong here, if I choose to.  A beautiful slice of the whole thing.   


My own goal is to acknowledge my thoughts.  Be aware of my thoughts.  My thoughts and emotions are  to be seen and accepted.   They exist.  Once I'm aware of them I can then allow them fluidity.  Just like anything created, allow them some form of expression and fluidity.


Allow them fluidity.  I like that.  Let them be fluid. 



I think for me personally, I have felt disconnected for so long that my desire to connect is very prominant.  Perhaps that is why I want to connect with my thoughts, connect with my emotions.   Just like I connect with music and art through subtle movement and visual is this joyous connection of growth.  Walking on dirt, leaves and to be among plants and trees is another joyous connection that strengthens my love, appreciation and reverence for them and with me.  Connect.  And let there be fluidity and communication throughout the thread of connection.  






Wishing you all peace love and wholeness, 




~ Cary Wyninger

Art N' Soul

12x12 oil on canvas ~Cary Wyninger Art N' Soul




12x16 oil on canvas "Fly Free"  ~Cary Wyninger Art N' Soul

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