Watercolor Soul Feather by Cary Wyninger

Soul Feather

This is a 22"x30" watercolor and ink on watercolor paper, professionally framed with UV protected glass and archival materials in a 26"x34" frame. Happy to send pics of the framed product (black frame, charcoal mat...float mounted).  Pictures of frame in detail can be shared via email, and piece can be shipped within the US for an extra cost.

This piece was created with incredible flow and infused with energies of obsidian, howlite and moonstone while I worked. It's your soul's freedom, however that may mean for what you need. Freedom to be your authentic self, freedom to explore the world, freedom to follow the things that light you up, freedom to flow in your natural daily rhythms, monthly rhythms...life rhythms. Change when you need to change...you are not bound by hard rules...

"Soul Feather

Wild and free

Soft and light

She floats

And whispers,

Flies and sings...

She is you,

She is me. "

~Art N' Soul

$1,500.00 USD