Cary Wyninger - Art N' Soul

About Me

Welcome!  Here I am, sharing a bit of me and my process.  Based in Galesville, WI, I am inspired by the connections in nature, colors, shapes and lines that I observe and feel as well as personally diving into a bit of archetypal work.  I have an education in studio art and business from Viterbo University in La Crosse, WI and child and adolescent psychology from The Chicago School of Professional Pscychology.  My original plan was to eventually get a degree in Art Therapy, but it felt out of reach.  I decided to focus my time and energy in my younger children and practicing my art instead.   I enjoy water-based oil paints, acrylics, watercolors, pen and ink for my mediums.  The process is what I find most important.  The process helps me use painting and drawing as a tool to identify my feelings and behaviors.  Sometimes it's a learning process in just the medium itself, and many times it's a learning process of my own patterns for inner growth. 

I approach a piece in a couple different ways.  Sometimes I'll have an idea or subject that is fairly specific and planned out before the paint even hits the canvas.  Other times, I will only have a glimmer of a feeling and I'll start there and let the next step direct me.  then I'll let the next step go from there.  

Art has been an incredibly important way for me to express and connect to this big, crazy life.  


Peace, love and wholeness,




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